About Us

My core training started at Center Point 2002-2004 in Minneapolis with Shiatsu and Reflexology.  These modalities are based in traditional Chinese medicine and performed with client wearing loose comfortable clothes that can easily be adapted to settings like shopping malls and office chair massage / events. 
I continued my education in Denver learning therapeutic deep tissue massage, Ashiatsu Bar Therapy to a mastery level.  With Ashiatsu I use my feet with an overhead bar system for flow and balance. It is known as "the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet".
So whether you prefer relaxation, deep work, through clothes, or massage with oils, I can adjust to your preferences.
I moved to Milwaukee / Shorewood in 2022 and opened a new practice along side other healing professionals. I also now work at Helium in Bayview twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. You're welcome to book with me there from their website if that day or location works better for you.

If you are looking to contact me the fastest way to get a response is to text. I'm very good at getting back within a few minutes or hours. I will not be able to receive emails during the working day so if you have a question call or text me with your name please.
(414) 331-3403